How Does Ucanji Work?
Ucanji is a globally leading online dance learning platform which includes hundreds of courses and choreographies taught by our expert dance instructors. You can choose any course or choreography across a wide range of categories of different dance styles including fitness dance sessions, learning dance in under 1 minute, and many more.
There are zero restrictions when it comes to watching and practicing the tutorials. As a paid user, you can watch and practice the tutorials as many times as you like. We believe that by watching and practicing multiple times, it becomes easier to learn new dance moves/styles and this is what makes us one of the best online classes to learn dance in India.
Ucanji offers the best online dance classes in India and around the world. Over 1 million users have already learned from us and we can proudly say that they are our Happy Learners. So becoming a premium member, you get access to all of our courses and choreographies. Choose a course/choreography you are interested in learning and start right away to learn from the best and be a part of our 1 million family.
Ucanji tutorials can be accessed from any device available to you, including desktop, laptop, and soon our mobile app as we envision making dance learning available and accessible to all.
We break down every course stream into different levels, depending on the level of difficulty.

Basic- If this is the first time you take a dance class, you can start with our beginner’s level course and scale-up yourself accordingly.

Intermediate - Once you become comfortable with the beginner moves, course, or choreography, you can start taking our intermediate classes.

Advanced - These classes are for people who want to improve their dance skills and increase their dance vocabulary. Although these moves take longer to learn, it's always worth the effort as you will love the results.
“See Your Self”, is one of our amazing features where screen will get divided into two parts and you will be able to practice alongside your course instructor on the same screen.
Steps to subscribe to our platform along with subscription fee is mentioned on our website.
With our subscription in place, you will be able to access skills-based courses taught by experts in their fields, and at the end of each course, you will receive a certificate of completion.
There are no deadlines or any bar to begin or complete the course. Even after you complete the course you will continue to have access to our courses, provided that your account is in good standing.
We have designed courses for every age group.So, there is no age barrier as such. Any age group can subscribe to our platform and learn.
You can ask your doubts in ‘Ask an Expert’ section on website and soon you will be able to do the same on our app that is arriving soon . Our instructors and choreographers will answer your questions and help you clear up any doubts your doubts that you faced while learning or practicing on the platform.
Yes, switching courses is possible. You can learn multiple courses simultaneously.
Mirror Screen is an option to solve the problem of Lateral Inversion faced. It allows you to flip the screen so that you do not get confused among the instructions provided by the instructor.
For Payment regarding issues, you can reach out to us at info@ucanji.com
Subscription Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.
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